02 January 2007


Michael Campbell said...

I met the lady that's running this site last friday evening.
She gave me the info to visit this site but it's WAY more than I expected.

VERY nice!

She asked if I would provide a link to my site so.... here it tiz :D

To visit my(desperately in need of updating) music portfolio please visit http://Gl1Studio.com/cd

Hoping the lady I met will relocate here in the FL area.... she is an articulate lady and her "SO" is one awesome drummer.

Nice meeting y'all... hope to make this relationship a little more than just a chance meeting.


Gallery/Studio said...

Michael - Thanks for the feedback... we were really moved by our short time spent in the south and especially liked being at The Junction. Say a big hello to those two for me - will you?
I've added you as a link - hope its okay... also working on adding The Junction.

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