11 January 2007

Random Acts of Art

The Junction

So... there I was at a little coffee shop in Clearwater, Florida. It was full of this crazy art - I was introduced to the manager who proceeded to show me gargoyles made out of styrofoam and murals that covered the bathroom walls - there was art everywhere... art and coffee.
A beautiful thing. The owner is a woman who everybody says I have to meet - especially with my mission in life being accessibility to the arts. I wander into the kitchen and introduce myself. She already knows who I am. I haven't slept the whole way down here, but I feel this amazing energy in this place... this woman has a non profit for doing art with people and is looking for someone to run the groups. Affamato Arts has met a kindred spirit.

30 December 2006

Music Is Art

T- Shirt Worn By 'The Parking Lot Drummer' Summer 2006 Portland, Maine

Okay, So the Non Profit is way BIGGER than I initially thought... Going to Plan B - Just Do It.

One of my big inspirations for working with the homeless is the infamous 'Parking Lot Drummer' of Portland, Maine. He pulls up, parks the van and unloads an antique set of Ludwigs and proceeds to set up and play... Its amazing the response he gets. People come out of their cardboard houses and their faces light up - like someone just gave them the best present ever.

When I asked him about it once, he said that music is a language that everybody speaks...

Random Art

08 December 2006

The Vision

So... it all began in Grad School - there were a few of us sitting around day dreaming about creating an institute. We were kind of specific, like we all wanted to travel at least three months of the year and so on. Now, its a few years later. I find myself at a turning point in my life. I make a bold move. I leave my job and buy a motorcycle and try to collect my thoughts while emptying my mind. My boyfriend is supportive. Summer ends and a friend and I start a studio gallery. We create art. We create a blog. I become inspired with a clarity I haven't experienced in months. I need to start a non profit. I need to create the institute. If I build it they will come. This is my vision.